The Finest Hours

“The Finest Hours” is a film that tells the true story of a sea rescue off the coast of Cape Cod in 1952. Bernie Webber (played by Chris Pine), and 3 other men headed out in a small Coast Guard craft during a hurricane. There was already a rescue under way by several other ships, who had responded to an oil tanker that had split apart, so when it was discovered that yet another oil tanker had also split apart, without being able to radio their position, the Coast Guard was already short-handed.

I found the movie to be quite exciting. I especially liked Casey Affleck’s performance as Ray Sybert, an engineer aboard the tanker, who is disliked by all the men on board, but finds that he has to take charge of the situation, after the Captain dies. It’s not a perfect film, but compared with a lot of other movies that get released this time of year, it actually is surprisingly good.

Anyway, it’s probably the best thing playing in theaters right at this moment. It’s not a ‘must see’ movie, but I do recommend it.

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